iCare Housing has been set up to offer those who are in mortgage arrears an opportunity to resolve the challenges they face.

Many can’t pay the mortgage and are being pursued by their bank.

iCare is a regulated Approved Housing Body (“AHB”) with one purpose: to buy suitable homes from banks where the mortgage holder can’t pay the mortgage and is eligible for social housing.

Currently we have an agreement in place with AIB, EBS & Haven Mortgages to streamline the process and agree purchase prices in advance. The aim of this arrangement is to make sure that if you are eligible and come forward there is clear and pre-agreed path for you to stay in your home and have your mortgage debt written off.

Many are burdened by the pressure of debt and uncertainty about where they will live.

iCare Housing, will buy your house from the bank, have your debt written off, and you will be given a long term tenancy agreement to remain in your home.

The price we buy your house for will be listed in the tenancy agreement and a legally binding option will be given for you to buy back the house at any time over the life of the tenancy agreement.

This is an offering modelled on the Mortgage to Rent scheme and is a great opportunity for those who are eligible to have certainty for themselves and their families around debt and housing.

Contact the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation to see if you are eligible.

The Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation is a registered charity which has negotiated deals with banks on behalf of 8,000 mortgage holders. A feature of this project is the IMHO acting as an intermediary between you, the bank and iCare.

Many don’t want to deal directly with the bank.

The IMHO allows for an independent third party to take away that stress by working for free on your behalf.

Some of you will have been put through a different mortgage to rent process and this may not have progressed. This would have happened for a variety of reasons. iCare is a housing body that has been established specially to do mortgage to rent and to give you and your family certainty. Therefore if you have been unsuccessful in the process previously you may be eligible and we would encourage you to engage as soon as possible.